Credit Process

VFG employs a skilled team of credit underwriters and risk managers. Our risk management team consists of Lou Brill, Bill Gmaz, and Mike McGrogan.

All three gentlemen bring an extensive credit underwriting background to VFG that consists of over 70 years underwriting and risk management experience.

VFG funds transactions with its own money and has the ability to syndicate.

When we consider funding opportunities, we are looking for concise and specific information. The quicker we receive the requested information, the quicker we can perform for our customers and vendor partners.

Before we begin the formal underwriting process, we require a bona-fide award of business from the customer which consists of a signed proposal and conditional commitment deposit (which is refundable in the event credit is denied).

Larger Corporations

For larger companies, we appreciate receiving our completed standard credit application or a document that lists standard bank and trade information along with the correct legal name, address, and identification numbers of the entity who is our customer. It is very important that we know who, exactly, we are dealing with so that we may render a timely and fair decision. (Larger corporations oftentimes have multiple divisions or even companies. Correct communication regarding customer identity is essential for a timely and accurate credit decision.)

If the company is publicly traded, we will generally be able to access financial statements via the internet. If we cannot access financial statements via the net, we will request that they are made available via email or fax.

Closely Held Companies

For privately held companies, we generally require personal guarantees. In addition to financial statements and a completed credit application, we like to receive personal financial statements and tax returns on the personal guarantors.

Depending on presentation of financial statements, corporate tax returns may also be required.

If the transaction is not greater than $100,000, we will consider approving the credit on an application only basis provided all credit reporting agencies employed give us positive feedback on both the company we are considering and the guarantors.

IMPORTANT: The owner(s) or guarantor(s) must personally sign our application forms in order for us to obtain permission to secure personal credit data. (Office managers, Assistants, and other non guarantors may not sign on behalf of the individual whose credit is being investigated.)

If you have any questions regarding our underwriting process, we encourage you to contact your specific representative first.



Please complete the following forms. Print and fax to VFG at 412-539-1599.