Bill Gmaz

William P. Gmaz
Chief Risk Officer

Ext. 205


Bill Gmaz is a financial services veteran with over 30 years of lease finance experience including over fifteen years in vendor finance. Controlled growth has been a hallmark of his career and he thrives on challenges.

Bill brings a unique perspective to his role as VFG's Chief Risk Officer. Although he has spent the last twenty years of his career in risk management, he has also been Controller of two leasing companies and General Manager of another. Prior to joining VFG, Bill was a global risk manager at GE Healthcare Finance. He has also held senior credit management positions at Bank of America, Sanwa Business Credit and US Bancorp.

In addition to his deep knowledge of healthcare, Bill brings to VFG a wealth of experience and understanding across a broad spectrum of industries and equipment types. His experiences run the gamut from small ticket to large leveraged transactions. He has been directly involved in negotiating and closing over 50 domestic and global vendor programs.

Bill's industry experience also includes portfolio syndications - both buying as well as selling. When describing his position as VFG's Chief Risk Manager, Bill states, "My job is to protect the assets of VFG but also to be a champion of growth." He knows the culture and understands the demands of our external sales team because he too has been "in the trenches" generating business relationships.

Although his primary responsibility is operations and risk management, Bill understands that all departments must function as a cohesive unit. When asked about the relationship between credit and sales and the magic behind making smart credit decisions, Bill replies, "I believe in selling our sales team on the reasons behind why we believe or don't believe in a deal. This is paramount because we are all in the sales business in one form or another. It is imperative that we are all focused on the best interests of our vendors and customers while ensuring that Vision continues to properly manage risk.

"In the long run, If VFG doesn't manage its risk properly, it is not only hurting VFG; it is hurting vendor partners and customers as well. The current sluggish economy, along with the accompanied backlash of a scarcity of funds in this country, is a testament to the fact that businesses need good solid funding partners with 'staying power.'

"When it comes to approving a transaction; to say 'YES' (to credit approval) is easy but the 'NO' must be a well thought out business decision... In other words, our vendors and customers can rest assured that we exhaust every alternative prior to ever turning down a business opportunity."

Bill firmly believes that good process control, along with proper delegation, a fair balance between authority & responsibility, and employee empowerment are some of the primary keys to efficiency. He states, "Good people make good decisions when (1) they are trained and disciplined to apply the right process to their decision making and (2) they are empowered to take alternative courses when 'out of the box' thinking is required to meet objectives."

Bill appreciates the empowerment culture at VFG. At virtually every level, from sales to credit to operations, our team is empowered to make decisions and take appropriate action. This, according to Bill, is a big part of what makes VFG special.

Bill is proud to have been married to his wife Monica for over 36 years. They have three children. Over the years Bill has been active in youth sports and continues as an avid sports fan. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and is proud to root for the Hoyas.