What's your strategy?

Is your investment strategy short-term growth, long-term growth or simply capital preservation?

If you are an individual or organization looking for a better yield on your cash, VFG may have a non-depository investment strategy right for you.

On average, VFG typically offers returns of up to 3.75% (APR) over and above the national average for like-term bank CDs. (As of summer 2010, typical yields with VFG were +5.75% APR; not APY.)

VFG is not a banking institution. Investments with VFG are not FDIC insured and VFG is not licensed to accept deposits. Depending on the needs of the investor, we will structure the investment as a debt instrument, rental, or otherwise so long as the investment instrument is legally documented and the investor has been fully briefed on the risks.

Why consider investing with VFG?

  • Since 1991, we've helped firms across America acquire the equipment and technology they've needed to grow their businesses.
  • We are part of an industry that helps stimulate global economic activity by providing the "fuel" for a domestic equipment finance market with an estimated worth of $650 billion.
  • Our customer base includes privately held businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.
  • As the economy continues to recover and gain momentum, credit-worthy business demands for capital are on the increase.
  • VFG reinvests funds from private sources directly back into the American economy to help businesses acquire the equipment and technology they need to compete and grow.

For a candid conversation regarding the risks and rewards of investing with VFG, please contact Fred Summers.

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