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Patients First

Meeting the needs of the patient means providing your staff with the right tools.

We provide funding for the best facilities, equipment and software available to ensure that your organization is equipped to provide a clean, comfortable environment geared towards maximizing the treatment of your patients.

An organization's most valuable assets are its people. Give your team the best tools and direction and watch their motivation and performance soar while they provide the highest standards of health care.


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One-Stop Resource

From energy management and facility upgrade projects costing millions of dollars to one-off acquisitions costing less than $100,000, we're here to help you acquire the assets your organization needs to provide the optimal level of patient care.

Cash management and working capital allocation is absolutely critical to the success of any business.

Leasing is smart business. Most companies, including the largest publicly traded companies in America, use lease financing as an effective business tool for capital equipment procurement and equipment life cycle management.


Vendor Flexibility

Now, more than ever, financing plays a critical role in a manufacturer's ability to achieve high level objectives for sales, market share, and profitability.

We make it easy for your clients to acquire the tools they need to ensure the efficiency of their organization utilizing the most advanced technology without large up-front capital outlays.

From large hospitals to small private practices, our team understands your market and will partner with your sales team to ensure that your value proposition is complete and provides your clients with budget friendly lease financing options.

Whether you sell imaging, surgical, diagnostic, ophthalmic, EMR, or any other medical device or software, VFG can assist with your financing needs.